Love is in the air around Pearse Park

It was a Valentines Day to remember for residents in Pearse Park as Orla Crilly and her little gang of cupid helpers delivered gifts to no less than fifty houses on Sunday afternoon.

Orla, a foster mother to four children, decided to try and brighten up her neighbours day by spreading some love around Pearse Park on the most romantic day of them all. Orla and her gang of helpers made up fifty small gifts consisting of a miniature red rose, a chocolate and a little note wishing their neighbours a Happy Valentine’s Day. According to Orla she wanted to put some good vibes out in her community at a time when many are feeling low due to the ongoing pandemic.

“We did something similar last Easter when we went around a few houses with some eggs so we decided that we would do something similar this year for Valentines Day,” explained Orla. We made up about fifty little gifts and spent maybe an hour walking around Pearse Park leaving gifts on our neighbours porches. The Pearse Park residents are a great bunch of people and we have a lovely wee community down there so I just wanted to send out some positive vibes and at the same time maybe teach the kids about kindness and doing nice things for other people.

“We were barely home from doing our rounds when we got a couple of letters through the letterbox thanking us for the gift and one lady even told us it was the nicest Valentines Day surprise she had ever received! I’m big into positivity and helping people improve their mental health so if a little thing like this can help brighten up somebody’s day, especially given what we are all going through at the moment, that can only be a good thing,” stated Orla.
Orla’s neighbour Sheona McGovern was delighted to have received her Valentines gift and thanked her ‘great neighbour’ for the gesture.

“On Sunday, Valentines’ Day, we got such a lovely surprise when we stepped out to walk the dog. On our doorstep, we found a wee Valentines gift from our neighbour Orla Crilly and her family. Chocolate, candle and a little flower, in a little red pot with a note saying Happy Valentines from Number 38,” explained Sheona.

“This is so typical of Orla. She always does lots for the residents of Pearse Park. She is full of community spirit, enthusiasm and all about spreading love and joy all year round. She’s always there for anyone who needs help, a cuppa and chat, or even a wild night out! She is a great neighbour,” she added.

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