100 mile walk for Alfie

Tamara O’Connell

THE family of a boy diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a terminal illness, has helped organise a 100 mile walk in a bid to raise funds for his treatment.
Alfie Markey Pentony is eight-years-old and was diagnosed with DMD when he was just four.
Alfie’s mother, Colleen Markey Pentony, told the Dundalk Leader that Alfie can give so much hope to others affected by DMD.

Colleen and her family live in Newry but she has lots of family living in Dundalk. Her mother is originally from Fatima and she has many cousins in the area.
“He’s progressed so much since undergoing treatment. He can run up and down the stairs now,” she said.
“You never get over a diagnosis like this but I’m happy Alfie can show there is hope for other families.”
Alfie’s father, Jamie, explained that Alfie is currently going to America for treatment every three months.
“It hasn’t been easy over the years but we’ve managed to get him on a treatment in New York. It’s the second clinical trial Alfie’s undertaken,” he said.

“The treatment hasn’t been easy because of quarantines and travel restrictions. Covid-19 has affected everything.
“We have to quarantine for 16 days in the States before we can see a doctor and then ten days on return so that’s nearly a month of being away from family.”
The Fightforalfie committee is undertaking a 100 mile walk on the 9-11th April called The HERO 100 and are looking for donations or sponsorship.

“None of the team are athletes but they are determined and have a one set mind. They didn’t take on 100 miles because it was easy. It’s near impossible,” he said.
For more information visit www.fightforalfie.co.uk. The registered charity is trying to raise funds to continue treatment for Alfie and other children all over Ireland.

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