Zoe features in new Riverdance film

Lockdown may have prevented Zoe Conway from playing gigs in front of a live audience but the supremely gifted fiddler player and violinist has been keeping busy over the last 12 months with the Carlingford based musician lending her talents to two major movies. Last Friday, Riverdance: The Animated Adventure was released on Sky Cinema and the movie features plenty of contributions from Zoe who recorded all her parts at home with the help of her husband John McIntyre in the studio they share in their house in Carlingford.
According to Zoe Riverdance has been a big part of her life and she was delighted to be asked to contribute to the recently released movie.

“I toured with Riverdance for ten years on and off when I was younger and I became good friends with one of the creators of the show Bill Whelan. He was asked to do a reworking of the film and he asked would I take part in the project and I was obviously delighted to say yes. It was all done during lockdown which caused some issues for producers but they did brilliantly to think outside the box and get everything sorted out. I know they were struggling to find an orchestra to play some of the parts due to lockdown and they eventually had to travel to Austria to use one over there. I was able to record all my parts at home as my husband John is a sound engineer and we have a wee studio in the house so it was quite easy for us to get my parts together and just email them over to Bill.

“I actually got to see a sneak preview of the movie last September in between lockdowns when I was playing one of the few gigs I did last year over at the Clifden Arts Festival. Bill lives quite close to Clifden so he invited us over to his house where we got to see the finished movie which was great. I didn’t get to watch it at home the other night when it was released officially but we have plans to get the popcorn in and watch it as a family at home in the near future. My two kids are ten and twelve so they are both looking forward to seeing it,” explained Zoe.

“It’s amazing what you can do from home nowadays and it was a Godsend to be able to get involved in these projects given the fact that everything was closed down for most of the year,” she added.
Zoe also features in recently released ‘Finding You’ which was partly shot in Carlingford tells the story of violinist Finley (Rose Reid) who travels to the Irish coast for a semester to rediscover her passion for music. All the music ‘played’ by Finley in the film is actually played by Zoe.

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