Blackrock Community’s phenomenal 48-hour responseto urgent call to cover insurance hike

The voluntary committee in Blackrock Community Centre are astounded by the response to their urgent call to cover an insurance hike cost that tripled from 2020 and want to spread the word of thanks back to all contributors. The support of the public appeal for financial help was overwhelming. Most of the support came from parents of children locally who utilise the facilities and users of the centre who operate local activities. The supportive community responded to the urgent appeal by donating a phenomenal €12,260 within a 48-hour period on a gofundme page.

The urgent hike in insurance cost is due to an alleged public liability insurance claim against the centre from 2019. The local insurance broker has advised that this insurance cost hike is likely to remain in place for a couple of years to cover the cost of the response to this claim.

The Blackrock Community Centre provides essential community facilities for parish events and activities, and parking for the neighbouring football club, local pre-school and Blackrock Park visitors. All funds to run this facility are acquired through space rental and it is effectively and efficiently ran to a commercial standard by a voluntary committee who work tirelessly to provide such an amenity to the locality.

“The centre has been closed for the past 14 months due to Covid except for a skeleton of events and activities. Our only income is from rent which is decimated due to Covid closure despite our running costs for light, heat and insurance. We are thrilled that the community has stepped up to avoid our risk of closure due to this shocking insurance hike. Thank you to everyone for your incredible support to keep us open. Any funds over and above this year’s insurance hike will be set aside for next year’s insurance which is likely to continue at this rate for some time. Hopefully this insurance system will be regulated soon and our local councillors will be successful in lobbying government to end this insurance racket.” said voluntary chairperson, Mandy Fee.

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