Charity sale gets the boot

A weekly car boot sale in Carlingford which donated all proceeds from the stands to the Maria Goretti Foundation has been forced to close following complaints by a local resident to Louth County Council. Kevin Woods, who organised the car boot sale from his back garden on Ghan Road in Carlingford, said he was disappointed but not surprised that somebody contacted Louth County Council to get him shut down.

“We really regret that due to the intolerance of neighbours, we have been instructed by Louth Council to cease our weekly car boot market. All the proceeds from the stands were used as fundraising for the support of The Maria Goretti Foundation for unwell, happy, children, supported through fundraising by most in the community on a voluntary basis. It’s regrettable that so few, themselves blessed with a lot fewer struggles, can impact on the absolute needs of others,” stated Kevin.

“I was informed this week by Louth County Council that I must cease hosting the car boot sales immediately due to a complaint from somebody local with regards to the amount of traffic in the area on Sundays when they take place. They have been taking place for the past six weeks and we generally get 18 or 19 stands who pay €15-€20 for a patch with all that money going to the Maria Goretti Foundation.
“I was disappointed but not surprised when I was issued the notice to stop hosting the car boot sales by Louth County Council. Unfortunately, we live in an age of intolerant people that have nothing to do but give out and complain over the most trivial of matters. I actually think these people have gotten worse since COVID began and that they are out there going for walks looking for things to get outraged by. I am not blaming Louth County Council at all for this as they are just enforcing the rules but it is very disappointing that somebody felt the need to make an official complaint about us,” stated Kevin.
A statement from Louth County Council confirmed that complaints had been received in late May relating to parking issues, littering and traffic obstructions.
“Under Part VIII of the Planning and Development Act (as amended) the Council is obliged to follow up on substantive written complaints of breaches of the planning code. Louth County Council’s Planning Enforcement Section received a number of complaints in April and May 2021 in relation to a Motorhome park operating on Ghan Road and its impact on residential amenity on residents in Oyster Bay Court.

“Further complaints were received in late May in relation to a weekly car boot sale running on Sundays causing obstruction of traffic, parking issues and general littering of the Ghan road area. The Council has contacted the landowner and outlined to them the steps required to regularise the situation,” read the statement.

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