Drug dealer intimidation tactics on the rise

Sinn Fein councillor Kevin Meenan has spoken out against intimidation tactics by drug dealers in Dundalk who are targeting family members of people who have run up drug debts. According to Kevin the problem is becoming more prevalent and he has urged anybody who is being intimidated by these people to go to the gardaí and help put a stop to these practices.

“Unfortunately, these intimidation tactics have become a lot more prevalent in recent years and I have lost count of the amount of people I have called around to who have had their homes damaged or threats on their life because somebody in that family or somebody close to them owes money to a drug dealer. It’s hard to listen to their stories and to see how helpless they are. The drug gangs are targeting family members or extended family members to send a message and unfortunately these types of incidents are on the rise.

“The tactics typically used by these drug gangs are to smash windows or burn down houses and I know of at least four houses that have been burned which is absolutely appalling. On top of trying to help out a family member who is fighting a drug addiction they also have to deal with these threats and intimidation tactics and the whole situation is causing them so much stress and anxiety,” stated Kevin.

“These incidents are happening all over town and the vast majority of them stem back to one or two individuals who are the main drug dealers in Dundalk. The gardaí know who they are and in fairness to them they are working hard trying to rid the town of these scourges but they need help and I would urge people who are being intimidated to tell the gardaí and help them build a case strong enough to take these people down.

“People have been struggling as it is with the pressures of lockdown and then they have stuff like this to deal with on top of everything. It needs to be stopped.

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