Paddy to release single to pay for parents’ headstone

Paddy to release single to pay for parents’ headstone

He’s been singing his heart out on the streets of Dundalk and Blackrock for many years now but Paddy McDowell aka Jesus Jones has been in the recording studio in recent weeks and will release his first ever single as well as a video to accompany the song later this month. Paddy, from Marian Park, is releasing the song to raise money to buy a headstone for the grave of his parents Charles & Norah who passed away in 2000 and 2001 respectively. His distinctive voice and sense of fashion has made him one of the most recognisable faces around Dundalk and he will now put that voice to good use thanks to the support of local design artist John Jack Riot from TUT Design.

Paddy has been unable to afford a headstone since their death and he is hoping proceeds from his upcoming single can help to pay for one. Paddy will also play a live event later this month in Dundalk to help support the release of the new single. As well as paying for the headstone, Paddy is also hoping to raise money for local children in need through the Jack and Jill foundation which provide in-home nursing care and respite support for children up to the age of 6, with a range of neurodevelopmental issues including brain injury, genetic diagnosis and severe cerebral palsy. Paddy is hoping to raise €2000 for the Jack and Jill foundation which could help give home care for up to five children locally.

The chance to record his own single came about thanks to local artist John Jack Riot who owns TUT Design which specialises in art and clothing. According to John Jack he was inspired by Paddy’s unique style when creating a line of jumpers last Christmas and having sold quite a few he decided to try and repay the inspiration of his work.

“Myself and a few others at TUT Design are raising funds for a headstone for Paddy McDowell’s (Jesus Jones) parent’s grave. Charles & Norah passed away on August 27th, 2000 & September 10th, 2001 and Paddy has been unable to afford a headstone since. Initially the fundraiser was just for Paddy but he insisted on raising money for local children in need. We hope to match and exceed Paddy’s target (€2000) for five children in home care based in County Louth through the amazing Jack & Jill foundation. Any potential surplus goes to the Jack & Jill foundation and the families of the five children.

“Paddy’s obviously very well known around the town and he just makes people happy when they see him on the streets singing his heart out. I’ve always been fascinated by him and I love the way he dresses with the big crucifixes and bandanas and he was kind of the inspiration for some of the clothes I produced last year. I got talking to him a while ago and he mentioned to me about his desire to get a headstone for his parents grave and I threw out the idea of maybe recording a song to be released to try and raise money for it.
“We went through a load of songs he likes and the idea was to have him record it while I try and put a bit of a modern twist on whatever he chose. We picked something that we thought might work and we recorded it in An Táin Arts Centre but in between takes he started singing this other song and it just hit me straight away that this was the perfect song,” explained John Jack.

“So we scrapped the original idea and went with the second one and it has turned out brilliantly! I can’t say what song he has covered just yet but we will be releasing teasers and videos over the next few weeks before we release it at the end of September I have got to know Paddy really well over the last few months and even though he lives by himself he is such a sociable guy and he has a brilliant sense of humour. He’s delighted with the recording and we’re hoping that when it is released people can get behind him and help him get that headstone as well as raising some money for the Jack and Jill foundation,” stated John Jack.
All funds from the song go towards the target. It’s hard to stop Paddy from singing so there will be plenty of videos and teasers in between. The clothing and art pieces by TUT Design are inspired by Paddy go on sale soon and 15% of the profits also go towards the target.

The fundraiser can be found at or by typing ‘A headstone for Paddy’s Mom & Dad’s grave and J&J’ into the gofundme website.

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