Local schools celebrate excellent Leaving Cert results

Local students received their Leaving Certificate results last Friday and in the main reports coming back from the schools suggested that the vast majority of students were pleased.

Coláiste Chú Chulainn celebrated the Leaving Certificate Results for 112 students across 24 subjects which is the largest number of Leaving Certificate results in the school’s history.

Principal Thomas Sharkey, reflecting upon the student’s achievements remarked:
“This year’s results are excellent. We believe that every student has achieved their very best and are well on the road to realising their ambitions in further and higher education, training and employment. We are proud of every single student. ”

“There have been some remarkable achievements in interesting times. But the students really rose to the challenge. We had a huge uptake in higher level maths and some fabulous grades including the top grade H1 across six foreign languages: French, German, Spanish, Russian, Romanian and Polish. We have students achieving 600 points and above, including a full company of H1s. Hannah Maguire achieved the maximum 625 points while Michael Dunne achieved over 600 points. The Leaving Cert Applied group also set the bar very high with a third of all LCA candidates receiving Distinctions.”

The principal noted; “Each set of grades carries a child and family’s story of success and teachers’ stories of modelling, delivering and planning. It goes without saying, that it gives me enormous satisfaction to see that the students who have popped by the school, are happy with how things have gone”.

Year-head and Assistant Principal, Maria Nic Eochaidh swelled with pride at their achievements, in the context of a difficult year:
“I am extremely proud of them, but I am not surprised at their successes. They were a great bunch and are all amazing to have come through the last two difficult years. The whole school community is delighted for them. The results this year give them lots of options and opportunities for their futures. We wish them all the very best in their next steps.”

There was also a message for students, parents and staff from Board of Management Chairperson, and former inspector, Gerry McGuill:

‘I would like to congratulate all of the Coláiste Chú Chulainn students from the class of 2020/21 receiving their results. Of course, a big well done must also go to the staff, parents, and guardians who have contributed to their success.”
It was also noted that “This year saw a number of new subjects in the school examined for the first time including; Politics and Society and the Leaving Cert Vocational Programme link modules, with top results achieved in them. That shows good vision from the staff and management in implementing these to help the students prepare for success.”

Mr Sharkey expressed his desire to hold a socially distanced reception to congratulate students and recognise their hard work. Guidance Counsellors will also be available to offer support. Mr Sharkey said that he had his fingers crossed for all students ahead of the Round 1 offers on Tuesday the 7th (2pm).
Meanwhile St Louis secondary school reported higher points than expected for majority of Leaving Certs.
St Louis Secondary School Principal Michelle Dolan said the Leaving Certificate Class of 2021 achieved “really outstanding” results this year.

“The group took advantage of the accredited grades and the exams. We had a high level of engagement with the exams and it paid off,” she said.
“The Leaving Cert Applied group also did very well. There was great joy here on the day the results came out.

“They were delighted. A lot of extra work went into facilitating the exams in terms of cleaning and sanitising to make sure the exams could happen.”

Principal Dolan added: “They got higher points than expected so we just hope the CAO system will be fair too.
“The girls found new ways to problem solve. They are high achievers and got through the whole stress and challenge.
“We are very happy with their results. The doors should be open now to some of the most prestigious courses in the country.”

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