Local motorcycle club’s gift for Amelia.

Most impressions of Bikers worldwide can be a very skewed and misrepresented due to past histories and negative representation. Those impressions and opinions have changed and continue to change day by day. Many Motorcycle Clubs nowadays are displaying their sensitive sides contrary to their hardened exterior and “Tough Guy” appearances. One such Club showing their sensitive side is Odin’s Ravens MCC which was founded in Dundalk back in May 2019.

The Club and its members were recently made aware of a little 8-year-old girl by the name of Amelia from Drogheda who was diagnosed with Juvenile Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), which is a rare terminal genetic degenerative disease with no cure which results in a loss of motor skills such as walking, moving, speaking and swallowing, loss of intellectual thinking and memory skills, stiff rigid muscles, paralysis, seizures, blindness, hearing loss and dementia and eventually death. There is currently six people on the island of Ireland with this rare condition and Amelia is one of these people.

Odin’s Ravens MCC was contacted by a fundraising organiser by the name of Anita Collins on behalf of the group “All for Amelia” to see if the local Louth Motorcycle Club could do anything to raise vital needed funds to assist Amelia’s way of living and her care. When the Club were informed in detail of the effects and stages of MLD they were immediately connected to the cause as it had plucked the hearts of all Members within the Club, as many of the Clubs Members are Parents themselves and felt that if it were them in Amelia’s situation they would want as much help as possible to make things as comfortable as possible.

Amelia was diagnosed with Juvenile Metachromatic Leukodystrophy back in 2020 a month before her seventh birthday but before this lived an incredibly happy and normal life as actively as any other child her age. Prior to her diagnosis Amelia’s parents started to notice that Amelia was clumsier than her siblings and her ability to run as fast as them was not there either and when doing so Amelia’s parents had noticed she was kicking her right leg out a lot. Amelia had a bad fall causing her to be referred for an MRI upon a visit to the Doctor which had shown some abnormalities within the white matter of her brain.

Unfortunately, Amelia’s diagnosis came too late as she had progressed beyond the treatment stage of MLD which include Gene therapy or bone marrow transplant which slows down the progression of the illness but does not cure it and is only effective if it is applied when you are pre symptomatic.

Odin’s Ravens MCC compelled by the sad news of this wonderful girl and the determination of Amelia’s parents and close friends alike were driven. Driven to drive for this wonderful little warrior. So much so that they are banding together and asking the biking community in Ireland to band together with them in raising funds to purchase vital care equipment necessary to ease and assist with Amelia’s medical needs. Whether you are a club or independent or even just a person also compelled by Amelia’s story, you all are invited to attend the organised ride out departing on Sunday the 26th of September at 2pm from the Spirit Store Dundalk heading to the Family Fun Day located at Newtown Blues GFC in Drogheda. The route that was decided upon was picked in order to make this a learner legal run as the Club has stated that they “will all arrive together no matter the pace”.

Members of Odin’s Ravens MCC are doing several fundraising activities at the destination such as a sponsored beard shave, waxing of members and the eating Surstromming (fermented herring fillets) and a Durian fruit with both rated as two of the worlds most disgusting and smelliest food items with videos going viral on social media worldwide of people attempting to complete the challenges. On the day there will also be t-shirts, patches, keyrings and raffle tickets sold on the day with a list of food to choose from as such as hot dogs, burgers and pulled pork with a tuck shop with all sorts of treats available.

There will be a live DJ, a magician for adults and kids alike and so much more. This is set to be a fantastic day for a fantastic cause, and it surely is one not to miss. All motorcycle riders participating on the run will be asked to donate €10 as the driver and €5 for pillion and every other donation would be greatly appreciated. 100% of the funds from start to finish are being donated by O.R.M.C.C to the “All for Amelia” GoFundMe and the Club has expressed their excitement to raise as much as possible and they are looking forward to bikers yet again rallying around a worthy cause.

For further Information, Log onto the Odin’s Ravens MCC and the All for Amelia Facebook pages and a member of the administrations would be more than happy to assist in any questions and queries that you may have.
Come on out and show your support, what else are you going to do on a Sunday?

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