Kittens saved by dog after callous act

Animal lover Joe McLoughlin has described the person who dumped six kittens on a beach leaving them for dead as callous and heartless. The six kittens were in a box with a concrete block on top to prevent them getting out and were left on the beach in Annagassan on Sunday.

Thankfully the kittens were saved from near certain death when a man who was walking on the beach was alerted to the kittens presence by his dog who ran over to the box to sniff out what was inside the box. According to Joe McLoughlin, owner of Joe’s Deli in Castlebellingham the kittens would have either drowned or suffocated had the man not come across the box while out walking.

“My friend was out walking on the beach about 4:30 on Sunday afternoon in Annagassan when his dog made a beeline for this box that was lying on the sand. He went to investigate and thankfully saved the six kittens from almost certain death when he found them inside the box. He then rang me as he knows that myself and my wife Tess are animal lovers and that we might be able to help him find a new home for the kittens. When he told me what he had found my blood boiled to be honest. How could somebody be so callous and so heartless as to try and kill six innocent wee kittens like that? There really are some horrible people in this world,” stated Joe.

“I put the pic of the six kittens up on our facebook page and through that we were contacted by Drogheda Animal Rescue Centre, and they are now in the process of finding foster homes for the six kittens. Those poor kittens would have either suffocated or drowned and the person who put them in the box obviously could not have cared less about that. I cannot understand that mentality at all. Get your cat neutered or spayed if you don’t want kittens. It is very cheap to do so and in fact some vets even do it for free, I’m sure.

“Thankfully there was a happy ending to this story, but it could have been very different had it not been for my friend and his dog.

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