Dundalk family count their blessings after fire escape

A Dundalk family have thanked the quick response of the fire brigade as well as their neighbours and friends following a fire in their home last Tuesday evening. Wayne and Jennifer Dunne along with their five children were forced to flee their home in St Nicholas Avenue at around 5:30 last week when the fusebox in the hall went on fire and quickly caused a blaze in the hallway of the house.

Wayne who had just returned from work a short time earlier was in the shower when his wife Jennifer raised the alarm. Jennifer, Wayne and their five kids quickly left the house after calling the fire brigade who according to Wayne arrived very quickly on the scene.

“I have to give a big thank you to the fire brigade who arrived within five minutes of us calling them. I was in the shower having just got back from work about 5:30 or so in the evening when the lights went out and the shower stopped working. Then I heard Jennifer screaming up to me that there was a fire in the hall and we all got out of the house as quickly as we could. The fire began when the fuse board started sparking before it exploded with a loud bang.

“I must thank the brilliant neighbours I have down in St Nicholas Avenue as well as they rallied around us and were a great help and comfort to us. It’s a great place with great people. The house is badly damaged from the amount of smoke that went through the house, and we have had to move out. We stayed in the Fairways for the past few days and the staff up there have been brilliant to us. We have been able to find an apartment to rent while we wait for our house to become habitable again which won’t be for another couple of months I’d guess. Luckily, we had house insurance so that’s something.

“It’s not ideal being out of the house so close to Christmas and the whole thing was a big shock to us all but the main thing is everybody got out safe and nobody was harmed. I dread to think what would have happened if this happened during the night. The house can be repaired but lives can’t,” stated Wayne.

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