Coxes upgrade funding must benefit all states Kelly

Local councillors Sean Kelly and Edel Corrigan have urged Louth County Council to ensure extra funding is sourced to ensure all residents are included as part of the Cox’s 2B upgrade works. The main issue for Fianna Fáil councillor Sean Kelly is the fact that only half of the twelve houses in Patrick Tierney Crescent are currently in line to be included in the upgrade works which will see improvements made to boundary walls, footpaths etc.

According to Cllr Kelly it will be unfair to create a situation where only half the residents on a street will benefit from the funding.

“There is a street across from the Clans clubhouse called Patrick Tierney Crescent which has twelve houses. Under Louth Co. Council’s Cox’s 2B upgrade works plan only half of these twelve houses will enjoy the benefit of funding which will bring the area outside their house up to spec. That to me is patently unfair and will cause friction and a divide between neighbours. All twelve houses should be included in any funding and that is what I told the council at last week’s Municipal meeting. Edel Corrigan has been working on this issue for years now and since I was elected in 2019 I have been pushing hard to ensure extra funding is made available to include all houses in Patrick Tierney Crescent,” explained Sean.

“Additional funding from the Department of Housing needs to be sourced to ensure nobody is left behind on this project. It is great to see work being done in the area but as I say everybody has to benefit from it. We were told that the council has made an application for additional funding but we have been told that before and we need to see action on this as soon as possible,” he added.

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