Downtown Hub celebrate launch

THE Creative Spark Downtown remote working hub was officially launched on Tuesday, May 17 at 11.30am.
There will be 42 hot desks available in the former Cumiskey music and nursery store, at 42-43 Clanbrassil Street.

According to Creative Spark Downtown manager Ciara Breen, “it’s amazing to finally be celebrating the launch of the space”.
“It wasn’t so long ago that it was just an idea; it’s taken a while but the wait has really warranted the result,” she said.

“We are really excited to see our members walk through the doors and start using the place as a workspace.
“We are over the moon and delighted to be here.”
Creative Spark Downtown will be open to everyone who wants a co-working space, no matter what sector they are working in.
If anyone would like to register their interest in taking on a hot desk or using the space for work send an email to

Meanwhile the remote workers of Dundalk are connecting with each other offline through non-profit community project, Grow Remote, whose mission is to make remote work local.
As a social enterprise, Grow Remote works with companies and employees alike to deliver training, assist job seekers to find remote jobs, and run offline events focusing on connection and community-building. The local Dundalk chapter hopes to find remote jobs for local people, reduce outbound commuting and increase local involvement in cultural life.

On 23rd May, remote workers in Dundalk are invited on a walking tour of the town followed by a sneak peak at the newly-opened Creative Spark Downtown Hub on Clanbrassil Street as part of an evening of local connection.

At 6pm, a tour in association with SEEK Urban Arts will draw on the rich heritage of the town – historically, culturally, geographically and mythologically. This initiatives aims to help people reconnect with some of our unique moments in history and at the same time enjoy the very visual aspect of the outdoor art gallery in Dundalk.
Following this, the remote workers will meet for pizza and refreshments in Creative Spark Downtown.

Ciara Breen is the Downtown Hub Manager:

“This is another great opportunity for remote workers to connect with our town, and with each other. By getting out into the streets, it facilitates conversations and connection with our public spaces.”
The event will also welcome several eBay employees, whose relationship with Grow Remote has deepened in recent years. eBay is one of the remote companies involved in the Remote Alliance, a sandbox for companies who have set out a bold vision for the future of work. There is a high number of eBay employees living locally in Dundalk and working remotely or hybrid.
A group of Welsh government employees will also join the event as part of a visit to Ireland learning more about the work of Grow Remote.
Dónal Kearney is Community Manager of Grow Remote:

“Grow Remote is all about offline connection and we are so excited to see the local community of remote workers growing in Dundalk. You never know who you will meet at a Grow Remote event and the conversations can be transformative. We have remote job seekers mixing with high-level management in remote companies. It’s such a great opportunity to connect in a local environment.”
If you are a remote worker and want to get involved, reach out to your local Grow Remote chapter through

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