Leaving Cert begins for local students

Dundalk Study Academy Director Leanne Muckian said that their 6th year students are feeling “nervous yet prepared” for Leaving Certificate 2022.

The exams kick off yesterday morning (Wednesday, June 8) with English Paper One for Leaving Cert students and English for Junior Cycle students.

“I have just spoken to our 6th year students, who are all from different schools across town, and the general consensus is that they are feeling nervous yet prepared,” said Leanne.

“Some are even excited going into the exams, knowing they will all be over soon. The extra adjustments to this year’s exams have definitely helped to ease the pressure.

“Although our 6th years have just completed our nine-day ‘Study Fest’ in DSA where they attended our structured, supervised study every day from 9.30am-3.30pm, so they have worked really hard and are ready for exams.”

Leanne added that if a student misses their exams due to COVID they can re-sit them at the end of June, into early July.

“In terms of the delay of Leaving Cert results, it is very unfair on the students. It will have a knock-on effect on the start dates for universities,” she said.

“This is not a new situation and the government should have been prepared in advance. Hopefully they can get more examiners on board and a delay won’t be the case for this year’s students. Best of luck to you all!”

Meanwhile, St Louis Secondary School Principal Michelle Dolan said: “The girls are motivated and well prepared. They had great role models in last year’s group, and teachers were mindful of their well-being all year. We wish them all every success in the exams.”

Colaiste Chu Chulainn Principal Thomas Sharkey said that Leaving Cert Class of 2022 have been “working hard for their exams”.

“They have had the full support of their families, teachers and the State Examinations Commission,” he said.

“Our students are focused on the job in hand – doing their best in the exams. They were in school up to the end of the day on the 3rd June 2022.”

Thomas added: “The date of results is not and should not be a distraction to students. In our experience, the State examinations Commissions do everything possible to get tasks completed efficiently and without error. We are confident that all will be well.”

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