Aidan hands over cheque for almost €18,000 to NICU

Annaghminnon man Aidan Kerr brought his son Killian back to the NICU in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda armed with a cheque for almost €18,000. Twelve years ago Killian was born with problems in his lungs and according to Dad Aidan he and his wife Lynn remain eternally grateful for the care their son received in the NICU from dedicated staff.
Just after Killian’s first birthday Aidan raised almost €5000 for the NICU to thank them for all they do for families all over the North East. In 2020 when Killian turned 10 Aidan decided to launch another fundraiser for the NICU starting off with head shave which took place in Smyth’s pub in Tallanstown.

Between the headshave and sponsor cards and the generosity of people around Co. Louth, Aidan managed to raise a massive €17,866.80 for the NICU which he delivered in person alongside his wife and two sons last week. According to Aidan it was an emotional return to the NICU for both he and his family.

“They were delighted to receive the cheque and we were delighted to be able to give it to them,” stated Aidan. “The nurses brought Killian to a room where the incubators were and explained to him how nurses would have looked after him back in 2010 and how long he was sick for. It was a real eye opener for Killian and it gave him an idea of how well lookd after he was. My family will forever be grateful for the great work the doctors and nurses in the NICU do and the money we gave will hopefully help some other family in the future who are unfortunate enough to have a child sent there.

“When we announced the fundraiser and put up the link for donations we were inundated with support and I would like to thank everybody who supported our fundraiser and donated. We have received support from all over the place and we are very grateful. I’d especialy like to thank Skinny and Caroline in Smyths Bar who hosted the fundraiser and who were very good to us on the night.

“There were sponsorship cards and buckets going around on the night and thanks to everybody’s generosity we managed to raise almost €18,000 stated Aidan. I know from first hand experience how much brilliant work they do in the NICU in Drogheda and it’s great to be able to give something back,” he added.

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