Foul play called on disgusting act

An Ardee business has asked Louth County Council to remove the outdoor seating area from the front of their premises after the parklet was used as a public toilet by a man on Sunday evening. Martina Coscoran who owns Bliss Tea Rooms on Castle St. Ardee with her husband Mark went to work as usual on Monday morning to find human excrement on the outdoor seating outside her tea-rooms. At first she thought it was dog poo but after looking at CCTV footage she was horrified and disgusted to see that a man had used the seating as a toilet.
This is the latest in a long list of anti-social behaviour that Martina and Mark have seen since the seating was put in by Louth County Council at the start of the year. Now the business owners have decided that enough is enough and they have asked for the seating to be removed.

“We absolutely love our outdoor seating area and we were very thankful when Louth County Council agreed to give it to us at the beginning of this year. We fought hard to get the seating as we are restricted for space and this seemed like it would be a great help to our business that we have fought hard to keep open after the challenges of Covid.
“We pay indemnity insurance and it’s up to us to look after the seating which is fair enough. We keep beautiful flowers around the seating and we have colourful plastic chairs outside to brighten up the area.

“We have had lots of compliments about how well we keep the seating but we can no longer in good faith to our customers keep this seating due to a number of unsavoury incidents that we have had to put up with over the last seven or eight months. This was a man who decided to defecate on our seating at 10:30 on a Sunday evening when it was still bright and then walk away leaving dirty serviettes he had used to clean himself behind him. It is such a disgusting act and we can’t keep cleaning up after these people,” stated Martina.

“Over the last number of months we have seen on our CCTV cameras people leaving used nappies on our seats, people doing drugs, leaving needles as well as leaving vomit and urine. Every morning we powerhouse and bleach the seats to ensure our customers are safe but this latest act is just the final straw and we simply do not feel comfortable allowing customers and small kids sit down where we know these disgusting things are taking place. There were serviettes covered in human excrement all over the seating as well and I was just disgusted by the whole thing.

“That evening I rang our local councillor Dolores Minogue to ask her to ask Louth County Council to remove the seating. It’s an awful shame and it won’t help our business but enough is enough and we cannot keep cleaning up after these disgusting people. Keeping a business up and running is hard enough without having to deal with this and as I say this latest incident is just the final straw for myself and Mark.

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