Blessing and Dedication of the St Joseph’s Redemptorists Bells

The ten newly refurbished bells from St Joseph’s Redemptorist church as well as the two new replacement bells were the centrepiece of a Blessing and Dedication service which took place during the 12:30 mass last Sunday.

The service conducted by Fr. Noel Kehoe and assisted by Fr. Ryan Holovlosky consisted of two main parts – the dedication of the new bells and then the blessing of the full chime.

Two local parishioners, Moninne McCarthy and Oliver Hanratty, took part in the naming and dedication ceremony of the two new bells ‘Oliver and Moninne’ which included the washing of the bells with holy water and anointing of the bells with sacred oils. The full chime of 12 bells was then blessed by Fr. Noel as the choir sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Ye Joyful Bells ring out your Praise’. A recording of the ceremony is available for viewing on the web site under Live Web Cam Recording section.
The RTE Nationwide team was also present and conducted several interviews with parishioners as part of a documentary on the Bells of St Joseph’s due to air before Christmas. The team will be returning on the 7th December when it is hoped the installation and initial commissioning will be completed and the chime will be available to the campanology ministry to play once again.

Taylor & Co Bell Foundry of Loughborough UK, the original re-founderers in 1921 are again involved in the project. The bells have been cleaned by sand blasting, and two new bells to replace those missing following the Belfry fire in 1920 were cast to the original notes to complete the diatonic ten with two semi tones chime of twelve once more.

The new galvanised steel bell frame is currently being installed. The clappers and crown staples have been restored along with the transmission system. The clavier (used to play the bells manually) has been completely refurbished and will be reinstated in the tower with a new manual transmission.
New electro-magnetic chiming hammers and a programmable Apollo Unit will also be installed, the new clock dial mechanisms will also be installed as part of the project.

It is hoped to refill the local air with the glorious sound of the twelve bells in time for Christmas.

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