Viral video putting innocent at risk

Local TD Ruairí O’Murchú has urged people to stop sharing a video which claims to be outside the Dundalk home of a notorious sex offender who was recently released from Arbour Hill prison. According to the Louth/East Meath TD he has been contacted by a number of worried people since the video went viral on Monday.

“There was no due diligence carried out by the person who took this video and the fact of the matter is people don’t always park vehicles outside their own homes. That seems to be what has happened here. Somebody has gotten wind that there is a recently released sex offender in an estate in Dundalk and they have seen his car outside the house and assumed that this is where he is living. There are a number of houses shown in the video and there could be confusion as to which address actually belongs to the sex offender. I have had people contacting me over the past 24 hours who are very worried and upset that their houses are in the video.

“I don’t think the person who took this video is serving any purpose and I would ask that people stop sharing it immediately. The video is putting innocent people at risk and I don’t think it serves any purpose whatsoever. I know some people have been sharing it saying that the wrong house is in the video but even at that I would urge everyone to just ignore the video and not give it any more legs.
“It’s so easy to post videos and share them and make them go viral nowadays. Everybody has a phone and these things can spread like wildfire. We’re talking about an estate where houses are very close to each other and if somebody saw this video and tried to take the law into their own hands they are putting innocent people at risk.

“I want to assure people that the gardaí are monitoring this sex offender. He is a high end offender and we know that he is being monitored because he was recently up in the courts for breaching the conditions of the sex offenders act. The person who took this video may have thought he was doing good to warn people that there is a sex offender in the area but the fact is the information in his video is flawed and anyway these things should be left to the gardaí to deal with. If anybody has serious information they have they need to go to the gardaí. This man is under supervision and I know that gardaí are under-resourced but in cases like this resources are not an issue. I would ask people to let them do their job and stop muddying the waters and bringing innocent people into this by posting videos that just add confusion and bad information to the mix,” stated O’Murchú.

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