Garry aiming for world record

Dundalk man Garry Hoey will be leading a team of amputee men in a record-breaking pursuit this May as they take part in the Limerick City marathon.

Back in 2009 while at work a car display ramp slipped and fell over, crushing Garry’s foot resulting in him being rushed to hospital where he remained for a month before a decision was made to have his right leg amputated from just below the knee joint.

Garry is now part of a relay marathon team who are taking part in the race to raise awareness for the Irish amputee football team and to raise money to hold a six nations football tournament in Limerick later on this year.

The four man relay team will run six and a half miles each on crutches in what Garry hopes will be a world record time.

“We’re hoping each man will do his six and a half miles in about one and a quarter hours which will hopefully earn us a Guinness World Record as the fastest amputee relay team to complete a marathon on crutches” explains Garry.

ause we want to raise awareness for the Irish amputee football team and to try and raise a few euro to help with the costs of running the Paddy Power Amputee Six Nations Cup which is being held in Limerick in August.

“I’ve been playing with the team since last December and I absolutely love it.

“I’ve played with Ireland twice this year and we are hoping that the team will be competing in the Amputee World Cup in Mexico next year.

“We train down in Ballymun every Wednesday and it’s just great to be back out on the pitch again competing.  My fitness levels have improved so much since I started playing and I’ve made lots of new friends as well.

“I used to love playing football and would have played with Demesne Celtic in the Dundalk Summer League a few years ago. Obviously when I had my accident I thought that my days on the football pitch had finished but thankfully it hasn’t turned out that way.”  says Garry.

Garry has been training hard for this next month’s marathon and admits he’s been getting a few strange looks from passing motorists as he runs around the Dundalk roads on his crutches.

“Cars tend to stop and ask me if I’m ok when they see me out on the roads.

“When I tell them that I’m out training for the Great Limerick Run marathon relay I get a few strange looks”, laughed Garry.

Garry’s Limerick marathon world record attempts takes place on May 5 and anybody who wishes to sponsor Garry and his team can do so by contacting Garry himself at 0876496711 or through the Irish Amputee Football Association’s My page.

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