Dundalk couple call for memorial stone

A Dundalk couple who are campaigning for the Angels Plot in Dowdallshill cemetery to be re-opened have asked Louth County Council to let people know if they intend on agreeing to their request for a memorial stone at the graveyard.

Craig and Danielle Corr lost baby Aleigha last April when Danielle suffered a miscarriage and it was in the aftermath of that experience where Craig and Danielle realised that parents of stillborn children or babies who die in pregnancy have to bury their children in Drogheda given the fact the Angels Plot in Dowdallshill has been closed for a number of years.

“Myself and Danielle did not want to bury our daughter in Drogheda but given the fact there is no Angels Plot in Dowdallshill we had to buy a plot in the graveyard which cost us over €1000 to ensure our daughter Aleigha was able to be buried in Dundalk. We would have been forced to bury Aleigha in Drogheda had we not been able to get the money together and that made us want to do something to make sure other grieving parents weren’t put in the same predicament. I got on to local councillors Edel Corrigan and Maeve Yore who were both very helpful and the matter was brought up at a council meeting in June by Edel.

“Since then we have heard nothing back from Louth County Council and we just want to know if they intend on working with us to tidy up the Angels Plot and allow us to put up a memorial stone to remember babies who die in pregnancy or who are stillborn. I have been in touch with the Miscarriage Association of Ireland and they have told me they are willing to donate a Memorial stone to put at the spot where the Angels Plot is in Dowdallshill graveyard. It takes twelve weeks for the stone to be made so we are hoping to hear word back from Louth County Council to tell us if they are willing to work with us on this.

“We’ve been waiting over three months now for word back but unfortunately we have heard nothing as of yet.,” stated Craig.
Sinn Fein councillor Edel Corrigan who has been helping Craig and Danielle with this issue said she is hopeful that Louth County Council is on board with the idea.

“Fair play to Craig and Danielle who are doing some amount of work to turn this idea into a reality. I brought the issue up at a Municipal District Meeting last June and to be fair to the local authority I have received good engagement from Willie Walsh (Louth County Council’s Acting Director of Services) thus far on the issue. I have been advised that the reason the Angels Plot is no longer in use in Dowdalshill is because in accordance with National Bereavement Guidelines babies must be buried in the Plot of Angels closest to the local maternity hospital which in this case is obviously in Drogheda.

“I think it’s incredibly tough on parents who are already going through a strain emotionally to have to cope with the additional financial strain of buying a plot in Dundalk if they want to bury their baby locally. All Craig is looking for is for the area in Dowdallshill where the Angels Plot is situated to be tidied up and looked after and to have a memorial stone erected to remember all babies locally that have died. To have somewhere local for parents to grieve, mourn and reflect is not to much to ask for and I am hopeful that Louth County Council will work with us to help make this happen,” stated Edel.
The Dundalk Leader asked the council for a comment on this story and they sent the following statement.

“The Council have received a request for a Memorial stone to be located at Dowdallshill Cemetery and this is currently under consideration.”

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