Concerns over Mount Avenue link road project

The Lis Na Dara residents Association have issued a response following confirmation on Monday that Louth County Council had signed the contract for the Mount Avenue Link road.

The construction contract is valued in excess of €7million and will involve the construction of a new road from Lis na Dara, on the Carrick Road, to the Mount Avenue Road, known locally as the “back of the wall”.

The new road will join the existing Mount Avenue Road north-west of the ESB Substation. From that point, the Mount Avenue Road will be widened and upgraded to Castletown Cross on the Castleblaney Road. While welcoming the news that lands will be opened up for housing developments the Lis Na Dara Residents Committee expressed concerns that the project will ‘will change the character and quality of our neighbourhood effectively splitting the estate in two’.

“We, as the community of Lis Na Dara, are pleased to hear that new lands will be opened up for housing development in the Mount Avenue area. We recognise that housing is a vital issue in our town and country, and we support any initiative that can provide more affordable and quality homes for people in need.
However, we are concerned about the long-term implications of this project on our community.

“Lis Na Dara is a private enclosed housing estate, which was never taken in charge, with many young families and elderly people living here. We have a strong sense of community and identity, where we care for each other and our surrounding environment. We are worried that this project will change the character and quality of our neighbourhood effectively splitting the estate in two.

“How will this project affect the wider Mount Avenue’s infrastructure and services? Will there be enough schools, shops, parks and public transport options for the increased population? How will this project affect our traffic and road safety? Will there be adequate measures to ensure road safety for pedestrians and cyclists? How will this project affect our environment and heritage?

“Will the mature trees and planting that we have maintained, invested in and enjoyed for many years at the entrance of our estate be removed?
We are not concerned about the short-term disruption caused by the construction work. We understand that this is a necessary part of any development project, and we trust that the contractors will do their best to minimise the inconvenience and respect our privacy.

“Louth County Council has never fully engaged with us apart from one meeting a number of years ago on road safety with no follow up, and then ultimately challenged us in an oral hearing in 2020 on the compulsory purchase of our lands.

“The above are some of the questions that we hope will be addressed by all parties involved in this project. We urge them to consult with us, listen to our views and take them into account when making decisions. We are not opposed to progress, but we want it to be sustainable and respectful of our needs and rights as a community,” concluded the statement.

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