Residents report improvement in anti-social behaviour in Halliday Mills

Co-Operative Housing Ireland has spoken about the improvement in anti-social behaviour at a Dundalk apartment complex.

Co-Operative Housing Ireland Policy and Communications Manager Eoin Carroll has said there has been a “significant improvement” at Halliday Mills on Quay Street.
“What has been key to it has been the conscious effort to engage more with the residents of Halliday Mills,” said Eoin.

“We are in the process of addressing anti-social behaviour. Some residencies have been terminated.
“It was a difficult decision to make and we had to follow due process. It can be very challenging for the residents so we are aware of that.”
He added: “We have also been engaging with the community and have facilitated the establishment of a residents’ association.

“There is a strong cohort at Halliday Mills and they have come together for the residents’ association.
“The residents also have a lot of support from the housing officer. The most recent event was at Christmas when the committee organised for Santa to visit and the children got presents.”

Eoin continued: “Communal living or apartment living is still relatively new in Ireland. People have to navigate and find their way.”
Halliday Mills’ resident Inga Perkona said that things have definitely improved since she first moved into her new home.

“In the beginning, it was very rocky but things have improved. I didn’t know anyone before I moved in but I’m on the residents’ committee now,” said Inga.
“We decided to have six people on the committee, normally there are three people but we have back up members to cover every position in case someone can’t make a meeting.

“There has been a big improvement since some of the neighbours got replaced. There are only two apartments that are troublemakers now.”
Inga added: “The first committee fell apart but the new committee is working well and we even have an account with the Credit Union now.

“We managed to get some money together and organised a Halloween and Christmas event for the residents and kids.
“I’m settled in here now and I rather live somewhere like this where there is high security and cameras everywhere and if you call the guards they are here in two minutes.”

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