Darkness into Light

Darkness Into Light 2023, which is proudly supported by Electric Ireland and set up by Pieta House is commencing one again this year on Saturday 6th May in DkIT College at 4:15am.

Anyone is available to come along and participate in this admirable movement taking place which supports those who have been affected by suicide. However, if you cannot participate to this event on the day, any donations would be appreciated in the Marshes Shopping Centre before the event.

This year, there are many ways to get involved. Firstly, you can get involved by walking, running, jogging, swimming and even fundraising, also you can get involved with family, friends, and colleagues in your local area in whatever way you wish.

All volunteers encourage everyone to contribute in some way to try and spread awareness to those suffering mentally or those impacted by suicide. Last year over €4 million was raised nationally, and over €100,000 locally.
Darkness Into Light was originally set up in 2017 by Pieta House as a fundraiser to bring guidance and support to those affected by suicide or who are currently in suicidal distress due to the rising numbers of suicide deaths in Ireland.

Pieta offers 24/7 help to those in need and your donations can help them improve their services. The occasion usually brings a good turn out especially to those in Dundalk as over 3,000 people sign up for on average each year.
Local Fianna Fáil councillor and Chairman of ‘Darkness Into Light’ Seán Kelly said that the cause meant very much to him and was delighted with the contribution over the past number of years. “I believe that the fundraiser is important to raise awareness around this specific topic, it is one that I care about, and I want to help anyone out who is struggling at this time”.

The movement is only going to continue growing and due to the minimal Covid-19 restrictions; we encourage everyone to do their bit for the for this worthy cause and for the prevention of suicide.

For furthermore details about this event, go to www.darknessintolight.ie.

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