Jude’s name will live on forever in school. ‘Jude’s Room’ officially opened in Coláiste Rís

The mother of a young man who sadly passed away in October of 2022 from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (a muscle wasting disease) has expressed her gratitude to Coláiste Rís following the official opening of Jude’s room in the Dundalk secondary school.

Lynn McGuinness from Blackrock attended a special ceremony on Friday along with her parents Vincent and Kathleen, Jude’s good friend James, his Mum Alison, Jude’s cousins Megan and Eva and staff past and present to the official opening of Jude’s Room. Recently retired principal, Noeleen Dowling as well as her predecessor Padraig Hamill also attended the official opening of Jude’s room.

In 2012 Colaiste Ris was extensively upgraded by Dept of Education in assosciation with HSE OT to facilitate full electric wheelchair access for Jude. A ground floor fully accessible bathroom facility including electric ceiling hoist, an elevator lift on the ground floor of main building to gain access to the second floor, fully automated reception entrance doors and wheelchair access ramps were all installed and internal doors widened throughout.

The Haughey Building, adjacent to the main school was fitted with a specially designed PC Room on it’s ground floor for Jude, so he could gain access electronically to the Computer room situ on the second floor, and also as a place where Jude could spend time to study or to relax and was also used by students requiring extra resource classes.

This room has now being redesigned as a relaxation/chill out room, a place where students can go who may feel a little overwhelmed or just need a little time out, for whatever reason. It was always fondly known as Jude’s room but has now being officially named so by Colaiste Ris.
Jude, from Blackrock, attended Coláiste Rís where he always portrayed a very positive attitude, a powerful inner strength and remarkable resilience always refusing to let his disease define him. His mother Lynn called him an inspiration and expressed her happiness that her beloved son’s name will live on in the school.

“Jude had a medical condition of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy a physical muscle wasting disease, diagnosed at a very young age. He was brave, courageous and dignified in dealing with the many obstacles and challenges DMD inflicted on his daily life, including losing his ability to walk and he gradually became fully dependant on using an electric wheelchair for his independence,” explained Lynn.

“ He had a great attitude and never let his conditon define him. He was a gentle soul and very sincere and he had a great sense of humour. He was loved by everybody in Coláiste Rís and I was delighted to see his old principal and vice principal in attendance on Friday.

“I’m proud that Jude has left a lasting legacy in all three schools he attended,” noted Lynn. He attended Scoil Mhuire na nGael, Coláiste Rís and O’Fiach College of Further Education and all three buildings have been upgraded to become fully accessible for future needs of all students and staff. When he was in Coláiste Rís he used to love to get away to what is now called Jude’s Room to take a breather and relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the school corridors.

“I think it’s very appropriate that the room will now be used as a chill out room for kids who may want to just find a quiet space if they are feeling overwhelmed. The room This room has always been known fondly as Jude’s Room and will live on in his memory in the school from her on in,” added Lynn.

Jude achieved his Leaving certificate in June 2018 and went on to study and proudly achieve his Gaming and Multimedia certificate in O’Fiaich college.

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